A gem


To the Editor:

Often times we find new reasons why our Island life is unique and special while we understand that many feel we also make some sacrifices. All too often, I hear gripes and concerns about our hospital and its services. I feel compelled to share my recent experience so that the good news can also be noted.

Last Monday, August 19, I underwent a hip replacement procedure at our wonderful hospital with an equally wonderful new orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Marc Scheffer. The treatment that my family and I received from Dr. Scheffer, along with his new staff, Patty, Ryann, et al was superb. The anesthesiology staff was also right on the spot and most helpful and informative.

The operating room staff (nurse Helen in particular), according to the wakeup process per my wife (since I chose to take a nap and missed all that fun), was terrific. And finally, the post-op nursing staff, including Jan and a few others whose names I cannot recall on the day shift and Bea Whiting and Nicole, the night nurses that I bugged the most since I slept all day, were just the best caregivers one could ask for.

I was discharged the very next day, and that was made possible due to Peter and Julie, two additional, exceptional assets from the physical therapy department.

We are truly blessed again to have this high-level orthopedic care service back on our rock. Thank you all.

Harvey John Beth

Oak Bluffs