Just expense it


To the Editor:

I live just down the street from the high school. I plan my car trips to Edgartown to include picking up the mail at the Post Office, shopping at Stop & Shop, and even dropping into some butcher shops to pick up some steaks. When you pay for gas, you plan those trips.

Last time, you will recall that President Obama flew to the Vineyard on Air Force One, and then his wife took a separate flight to the Island. This year, the president and his wife took the same flight, but his daughters evidently could not get away from some birthday party and took a separate flight on their own. This family seems to live the carefree ways of a Disneyland atmosphere.

With an increasing number of millions of people on food stamps, President Obama goes his merry way of spending $200 million to go to Africa for a week or plunking down $50,000 for a week’s stay at an estate and halting traffic on South Road, in case he might use it to go to Oak Bluffs for an ice cream cone.

It is just amazing what one can do with an unlimited expense account.

Henry Copack

Vineyard Haven