Puzzling zoning rules


To the Editor:

A while ago, my daughter tried to put an outbuilding on her property in West Tisbury. She was told she did not meet zoning and was refused a permit.

This got me to wondering about the rules, so I started to investigate. There are many rules, some seem silly. But what I found was that there are many, many violations of these rules. It seems no one is checking or following through on them.

Businesses have added things they shouldn’t, other businesses have started up in residential neighborhoods with no permit, and the signs are way over the top. Many have multiple signs, added blackboards, etc. Also, what about the “stuff” in front of some of the stores? Alley’s porch is a great example.

Outbuildings were one of the charming things we liked about West Tisbury, but it seems you can’t have them now.

Margaret Hamshire

Oak Bluffs and New York