Thanks, everyone


To the Editor:

On Monday, August 12, I met an angel named Patty Lundin. I had fallen in the parking lot of Stop & Shop as I was chasing a runaway shopping cart. We found out later I had a dislocated shoulder, a torn ligament, a chipped bone, and a cut above my eye, and a bruised body, but all I knew was an angel had appeared from nowhere to provide comfort and to hold my head which was bleeding badly.

Within a minute, several police officers arrived. Soon thereafter EMTs and an ambulance showed up. I was taken to the hospital emergency room and into the hands of the doctors and nurses there. Everyone involved in helping me had a job and did it wonderfully. I was so grateful to learn that while I was at the hospital, the police officers drove my car home, informed my wife about my accident, and even unloaded my groceries.

I am so thankful for all the help I received, including the ongoing help I received from my home health care caregivers. I want to thank everyone.

Donald Mitchell

Vineyard Haven