Hope the fishing and the weigh-in get livelier


To the Editor:

My husband Sol and his fishing buddy Ed are out Derby fishing. It’s 8:50 pm, on the first Tuesday after the start of the 2013 Derby. The Derby headquarters closes at 10 pm. While in Edgartown, before heading home to Oak Bluffs, I was struck by past visions of the Derby headquarters – with lots of fish being weighed in and ready to filet. Excited by the thought of stopping by the Derby weigh-in station – which opened at 8 pm, I headed toward the Edgartown Harbor. That’s when I witnessed “the other side of the Derby” – where it seems that even the fish are trying to adjust to the dramatic change in the weather. The weigh-in captain uses the idle time to chat with Derby friends about how slow the fishing is, as they wait for fishermen to arrive with their catches. The weigh station sits void of fish to weigh, and the door to the ice house – that stores the fish for transport to neighborhood nursing homes, etc. – sits open. The filet knives sit on the filet table waiting to start to work whenever the fish show up.

Oh well, it’s just 9:10 pm. Plenty of time for fishermen to file in before the close of tonight’s weigh-in. I decide to head home but remain optimistic that I’ll see the usual hectic weigh-in activity on another night. At home, to my surprise, my husband’s truck is already in the driveway. In our house, he informs me that he’s been home for almost an hour, another sign that we’re all waiting for the fishing to pick up.

I anxiously await another Derby weigh-in night – hopefully when the fishermen are once again standing on a long line and weighing fish of all limit-based sizes and types, and the filet master is busy getting those fish ready to end up on the table.

Brenda Watson

Oak Bluffs