Chappaquiddick clears first hurdle to getting Comcast cable TV

— File photo by Ralph Stewart

Chappaquiddick residents welcomed news from town administrator Pam Dolby Friday evening that 278 households have committed to buy cable services from Comcast.

Under terms of a complex agreement negotiated earlier this year, 270 Chappaquiddick households needed to send a letter of committment before October 1, in order for the project to move forward.

“Pam Dolby just called; we’re at 278,” said an excited Woody Filley, head of the Chappaquiddick Island Association (CIA) technology committee, in a phone call to the MV Times Friday night.

Under the terms of the proposal, each customer would have to pay a one-time fee of $2,139 and sign up for two years of cable service. Customers who live a long distance from the main roads may be required to pay more to bring the cable to their homes.

Comcast will now survey each property to see if any additional charges will be assessed.

If the required 270 customers make their initial payments by July 21, 2014, Comcast intends to have the cable system up and running on Chappaquiddick by February 2016.