He’s not evolved sufficiently


To the Editor:

While walking my dog along a quiet residential street today, I was sorely disappointed to see how much plastic garbage had accumulated in a week’s time along the side of the road. I can’t chalk it up to temporary visitors – they’ve all gone home in this neighborhood. I ask myself, have the residents of Martha’s Vineyard failed to evolve and recognize that this magnificent Island should be cherished with respect? I hope not, but after reading Charles Furlong’s letter [Of course, he wants a bag, September 26], my sentiment and my fears seem unfortunately very relevant.

This “esteemed supermarket” he speaks of is evolving. He wrote, “I get the green wisdom of everyone converting to reusable…bags.” Clearly he doesn’t, or he would not have used the energy it took to write the letter and instead made sure these environmentally sound and litter reducing bags were in fact in the right car. This esteemed supermarket recognizes the potential hazard its bag-reliant business poses to the environment in which it thrives. In asking its customers if they need a bag, this esteemed supermarket is very subtly and politely attempting to manage its own ecological impact. This esteemed supermarket understands the value of green wisdom.

I would like to propose a solution to Mr. Furlong’s seemingly persistent grocery store problem – evolve.

Anna Fusco

Vineyard Haven