The Artists Ball at Dreamland

Danielle Mulcahy, best mask winner, examines the painting by her boyfriend Walker T. Roman. — Photo by Ani Godbout

The month-long Fall for the Arts celebration concluded on Sunday, Oct. 27, with an Artists Ball at Dreamland. The event, which celebrated local artists and supporters of the Vineyard art scene, packed more than 100 people into the Oak Bluffs music and event venue. The Frank Wilkins Band played jazz, funk, and R&B tunes to a costumed crowd celebrating Halloween. Prizes were awarded to best costume, best mask, and best makeup. Deborah Hudson won the first category, Danielle Mulcahy took best mask, and Keren Tonnesen clinched best makeup.

There was also an installation of the art project Whatever the Outcome, where a magnetic painting is divided into puzzle pieces and reassembled by a crowd. Craig Miner directed the assembly of the painting by Walker T. Roman.