Bowling alley proposal an opportunity for Oak Bluffs


To the Editor:

With regards to a possible bowling alley in Oak Bluffs, the town of Oak Bluffs needs to begin thinking about economic development. The idea of working with individuals to begin businesses in town that will bring both year-round work as well as year-round enjoyment is way past due.

This way of thinking is a little bit out of the box for the towns on M.V. They’re usually quite content with one- to three-season tee-shirt and trinket shops that lend little to nothing to the community.

Sewers are accessible from here (at a cost) and the capacity is available at the plant. A forward-thinking town would work with the developer to arrange an agreement where the developer would pay the upfront costs of the piping installation, in exchange for a set period of reduced taxes, say five years. Let’s face it, we’re not getting much on it now. In exchange, the town would receive a new year-round business, with year-round employment, full taxes after five years, enjoyment for Islanders, and the added benefit of removing nitrogen from the Farm Pond watershed.

It’s about time the leadership in Oak Bluffs and other towns realize that those trying to make a go of it on Island need opportunities, and that they have the tools to think creatively to turn their town into a place where people not only want to come, but also a place where families can find a way to live on a year-round basis.

Joe Alosso

Oak Bluffs/Connecticut