Perhaps he’s got the right adjective


To the Editor:

Regarding your At Large column of October 17 [At Large: How shall we describe ourselves? Officially.], N.H. is called the Granite State, isn’t it? Its motto “Live Free or Die” is really an easy choice. Who would want to die if he can live free? And that applies to “she” too. I further seem to remember that the state bird of Massachusetts is the chickadee, not the gull.

Now, I agree that “special” is rather blah when used for our Island. But then, “precious” isn’t much better. It has the connotation of “affectedly dainty or overrefined,” according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

It gives “precious mannerisms” as an example. Not enough Vineyarders sport such mannerisms to have that adjective apply to M.V.

I, therefore, unanimously propose the eminently fitting, innovative, and completely underused adjective “magical.” It certainly describes our fair isle in season when you need magic powers to find a parking space. And it is equally fitting in the off-season when quietude, solitude, and other -tudes have settled around here.

Or, should I look it up in the dictionary before throwing it into the mix?

Peter Dreyer