Magical season begins


To the Editor:

It’s happening again, that magical holiday season with an unpredictable briskness in the air along with wonderful aromas, Island people passing by on the streets with a welcomed smile, nod of the head or wave of the hand.

The memories flow of holidays past, and families and friends gathered near and thoughts of the warmth of Momma’s kitchen, Pa making fishing flies by the wood stove on a cold, windy night, embedded in our hearts and minds forever.

We as a family would like to wish everyone a blessed holiday season. May this be a year of rejoicing and counting our many blessings.

Remember, the lights are on, the door is open, food is in the fridge and love within.

Happy Holidays, with love.

C.A. Marshall and family,

Roman, Brian, Jack, Brittany, Donna, Aziz, Ryan Kyle, Chris, Nickie, Linda, Kara, Kaylee, Teagan, Alyssa, Ron, George 3rd, our angels Rob and Naomi

Oak Bluffs