Tisbury closes part of Lagoon Pond to scalloping

— File photo by Susan Safford

The Tisbury selectmen closed part of Lagoon Pond to scalloping, effective yesterday, at the request of shellfish constable Danielle Ewart. The closed area starts at the dip-net area near Maciel Marine (now Martha’s Vineyard Marina) and extends out to the town line and out from Hines Point toward the drawbridge.

Ms. Ewart said the closing will protect large seed scallops in that area. Such scallops are hard to distinguish from adult scallops. She wants to make it easier for people to avoid harvesting them.

Commercial fishermen in the audience were of mixed opinions. Guy Codding said the seed has disappeared from around Hines Point and Martha’s Vineyard Marina at an alarming rate. He told the selectmen that since they hired Ms. Ewart to manage the ponds, they should let her do her job.

Others protested that the closing will damage their livelihoods. “Closing the area is not a good idea, because a lot of us depend on it,” Gretchen Godek said.

Selectmen Jeff Kristal and Jon Snyder voted in favor of closing the area on Wednesday. Selectman Tristan Israel, who suggested a postponement till Friday, abstained.