Prices way out of line, Island merchants missing sales


To the Editor:

Local merchants always seem to be complaining that they are not getting sufficient business from locals. They complained that purchases from Amazon were tax free of the sales tax, and now through the efforts of the retailers, we are all subject to this tax. Yet, the trucks of UPS and Federal Express are everywhere here in the Vineyard.

Last week, I needed a branded electronic appliance and got a quote from a local retailer for $99. As I always do, I checked the price with the Amazon price list. Amazon had it for $62, and they got the order. Next, I wanted to purchase a man’s bracelet, and I went to a local jeweler. It had three different bracelets in stock. I went online, and each jewelry store had at least 20 different suitable selections. You guessed it, l purchased two bracelets on line.

Is it any wonder why locals are going online to purchase goods for this Christmas season? Many stores like Wal-Mart and even Home Depot are offering free shipping along with their discounted prices, and local merchants continue to charge prices that are way out of line in today’s retail market.

Mike Bader

Oak Bluffs