Scary, little yellow bike-thing


To the Editor:

To the person who drives the little yellow, banana-shaped bike-thing, I almost hit you a couple of weeks ago, as I was driving on the Vineyard Haven/Edgartown Road just after dark. I was looking for a street where I was supposed to take a left, and just before I made the turn, your vehicle/bike/what is it? zipped across the street (on the bike path) in front of me. You are so low to the ground, that I almost did not see you. I had one of those life-flashing-before-you moments. It would have been so awful had I run you over with my mini-van.

So, my question to you and to Island police, I guess, is what exactly is your little yellow fast moving thing? Is it supposed to be on the bike path, or the road? (I have also been behind you on the road a few times this summer.). How can something so low be safe to be mixing in with other vehicles and bikes? It was really scary, and I am asking these questions out of concern.

Joanne Lambert

Oak Bluffs