A Note from the Publishers

The Martha's Vineyard Times
— Photo by Steve Myrick

Visitors to www.mvtimes.com will have noticed our redesign, launched last weekend, the first comprehensive overhaul of the site in three years. A redesign like this involves a lot of moving technical parts, and some of them didn’t work as well as we hoped. We apologize to viewers who experienced problems, but we’re putting the technical server problems, which bedeviled and frustrated all of us, behind. If you haven’t already checked us out we hope you’ll take a look, on PCs or mobile devices. Let us know what you think.

The redesigned site, at its core, intends to be a gateway to as many aspects of Vineyard life and interests as we’re able to capture. This means bringing you all of the news and reporting about Martha’s Vineyard that we’ve always incorporated, of course, but just as important is information about events, about business, about the entire range of community interests we all care about. We are just as eagerly making a home on our web site for your opinions, your writing, and your experiences. And, we want to make it easy for you to just plain get useful information — What’s playing at the movies? When is the dump open? Are the ferries running? Where can I find a wedding planner?

Organizing, designing, and making content for a large community website is something of a digital high wire act, needing to serve different and sometimes competitive strategic purposes. So, we’ve built a complicated chassis to sustain a very ambitious online meeting place for the community and its visitors. The entire Times web team — Rick Mello, Steve Myrick, Kelsey Perrett, Patrick Phillips, Eleni Roriz, and Jamie Stringfellow — has been exhaustive in organizing the best design and content ideas, a focus on user experience, with site navigation and functional attributes meant to be clear but not obtrusive. However high our standards, we don’t expect to hit every note perfectly, especially at launch, so we are eager to learn from you and your feedback. Send your thoughts and ideas to peter.oberfest@mvtimes.com.

— Peter and Barbara Oberfest, Publishers