Cape Light Compact: Fixing our mistakes


To the Editor:

Over the past few years, the Cape Light Compact has been subject to numerous criticisms regarding its activities. Is the Compact perfect? No. There’s room for improvement in any institution. I’ve spent 10 years on the Compact’s governing board and can attest that we continue to improve our game.

The Compact has listened to community comments and made our work more transparent and easier for members of the public to follow. The Compact’s website ( is packed with information on power supply, residential and business energy efficiency opportunities, Compact finances, past and present governing board minutes, and contact information.

For example, Compact budgets are now posted on the website and updated regularly. (Monthly reports by town of energy efficiency program expenditures, the bulk of the Compact’s spending, have been sent to town managers monthly since 2001.) The Compact board voted to fund independent audited financial statements, separate from the inclusion of Compact funds in annual Barnstable county audits. These audit reports from 2009 and ongoing are available on the website, as are independent financial reviews of 2003-2008 expenditures.

The Compact’s mission is offering customers a choice for power supply, energy efficiency services, and consumer advocacy on behalf of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard consumers. Our history demonstrates an abundance of successes and national awards, due to the dedication and hard work of Compact staff members. I’ve seen how the Compact has benefitted my constituents in Bourne.

But the Compact can only do our best work with the trust and participation of the people we represent. Compact Board members and staff welcome your constructive feedback. If you have concerns or would like more information about the Compact’s activities, please contact your town’s representative or Compact staff.

Robert E. Schofield


Robert Schofield is Bourne’s representative to the Cape Light Compact governing board and is the board’s vice chairman. He also serves on the Bourne energy committee.