Workout and VTC hosts 7th and 8th grade girls

Raven McCormack, Gabby Wilbur, and Victoria Scott work out in a spinning class. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The Workout and Vineyard Tennis Center in West Tisbury hosted its annual seventh and eighth grade girls day on Sunday, March 9. More than 20 students attended the event, which promoted relaxation, health, and happiness through exercise, cooking, skin care, and massage.

The students participated in four rotations over a two-hour span. WVTC director of fitness Phyllis Kugler conducted a spinning class, while fitness trainer Cathy Ashmun led students through various strength exercises. Cooking and massage were combined into one rotation. Kris Martin and Elyse Madeiras gave massages while Rob’n Mussell worked with students in the kitchen, preparing chicken Caesar salad wraps and smoothies. Janine Milakeve of Mary Kay Cosmetics helped students learn about basic skin care techniques. WVTC owner and head tennis professional Connie McHugh supervised the event.