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Tisbury completes annual

Voters came back for a second night to get the job done.

Dear Dogfather: Elvis the elder and Mollie aflutter

If Elvis is not totally deaf there are high frequency devices that he can be taught to respond to... Elvis is lucky to have you guys, so remember, plenty of love, but no pity.

Publisher’s Note: A useful newspaper

In the course of crafting perhaps 1,500 Times editorials, Doug did his best to make sure that we were always posing the same question — what does this warrant article, or proposal, or project, or candidate, or for that matter this obituary — what does this mean for all of us, for the whole Vineyard community? Sometimes channeling his inner H.L. Mencken, sometimes E. B. White, Doug prodded and chided so we would take it all in.

County hikes annual Norton Point vehicle permit fees

The Dukes County Commissioners approved substantial increases in non-resident and resident annual over-sand vehicle permits for Norton Point Beach at their meeting on April...

Edgartown selectmen call for more participation on town committees

Edgartown selectmen Monday put out a call for residents to serve on town boards. These include the affordable housing trust, the by-ways committee, capital...

Annual Island Food Products food fair is a spring ritual

Island Food Products (IFP) held its 28th annual Spring Food Show on Wednesday, April 30, at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs....

Come again

I was diagnosed with mild high-frequency hearing loss as a child, probably related to early ear infections and fevers. I remember a specialist telling...

The promise of Cape Wind

This winter found many of us trying to get inside from the cold, where the comforts of modern life awaited — warmth, lights, electronics,...

A good plan

Let’s put aside — just briefly, because that’s the best we can hope for — the hubbub of broadly and furiously expressed but narrowly...

New Stop & Shop much needed

To the Editor: Misinformation and mistruths about the proposed and much needed Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven is stunning. The suggestion that Stop &...

Time to move forward with Stop & Shop

To the Editor: While some have been quick to criticize the proposed Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven and the process, I would like to...

Pristine water is possible

To the Editor: There is exciting news which makes saving the ponds and estuaries of the Cape and Islands possible and affordable. On Martha’s Vineyard our...

Wonderful and caring community

To the Editor: As president of the Vineyard Conservation Society, I want to express our sincere appreciation to the Vineyard community for coming out and...

Who are they, anyway?

To the Editor: The main reason Stop & Shop is trying to expand to the proposed size, covering every inch of its lot, is not...

Cape Wind, a move in the right direction

To the Editor: I am writing to respond to Doug Cabral's At Large: The windy 10-year war of April 23. I haven't written about Cape Wind recently,...

An accidental newspaper life

Newspapers by nature are carried along daily in the bouillabaisse of human events: births, deaths, tragedies, triumphs, fire, flood, politics, arguments, crabbiness, euphoria. We are exposed to it all. It’s the job, and thanks to you — readers, customers, newsmakers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, critics — it has been a terrific job to have.

Spread the word

To the Editor:I commend Leslie Floyd for contacting your paper concerning the rental scams (April 24, “Martha’s Vineyard rental scams crop up with approach...

A puzzle?

To the Editor: Where was Gay Head when the lights went out? In the dark. Peter Ochs Aquinnah and Vienna

Stop & Shop is a win-win

To the Editor: This is a voice in support of the proposed new Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven. There is so much in its favor...

Ballplayers need housing

To the Editor: The Martha's Vineyard Sharks are looking for three more spots for players to live this summer. If you have a bedroom in...