Artist accentuates the positive at Tashmoo Overlook

Artist Julia Kidd placed this sign to greet people coming home after spring break. — Steve Myrick

Like a spring flower, last Sunday a sign sprouted in the field off the Tashmoo Overlook, with the message, “Of course I have not forgotten you.”

The public art project is the work of local artist and psychotherapist Julia Kidd. “The sign went up on April 27th to greet people arriving home from spring break and for all of us having made it made it through a cold winter,” Ms. Kidd wrote in an email to The Times on Tuesday.

The sign is a follow on to a more ambitious project in April 2012 when she installed several temporary signs with positive messages in locations around the Island, including a banner across Edgartown’s Main Street. That project took more than a year to secure permission from town officials and private owners.

Over the last year many people have asked me if I was going to do the piece again,” Ms. Kidd said. “The unexpected and anonymous element that was so essential to the project cannot be repeated, but I wanted to send the message that the love is still out there, all around us, eternally. We just need to be reminded at times.”

Ms. Kidd said the new sign will be up for about one more week, but she declined to be more specific. “I don’t like to reveal the details, as much as you reporters love them — as the mystery is a part of the process of life and love.”