One arrested, investigation continues into Oak Bluffs brawl


Oak Bluffs police are investigating a street brawl that began at a late night party and spilled out onto Circuit Avenue near daRosa’s just before 2 am on Sunday, June 1. Sunday morning police arrested Craig T. Munsell, 27, who listed addresses in Ipswich and Oak Bluffs and expect to file charges against another man at a later date.

When police arrived they found Darren Patrick, 35, of Tisbury, with severe injuries that included an “extremely swollen and disfigured” face, according to records in Edgartown District Court. He was taken by ambulance to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital where medical staff suspected he had a broken jaw, and a serious bruise on the back of his head. Mr. Patrick told police he did not know the other people involved in the fight. He said “he had been jumped,” according to the report by officer James Morse.

Police intend to charge Mr. Patrick in connection with his participation in the fight at a later date, Lt. Tim Williamson said.

On Monday, Mr. Munsell was arraigned In Edgartown District Court on charges of aggravated assault and battery, disorderly conduct, and affray (fighting in public). He was released on $300 bail.

Witnesses told police that several people were involved, and some fled into a nearby apartment on Circuit Avenue. Sgt. Steve Conley and Officer Morse heard a conversation as they approached a rear entrance of the apartment, according to the report.

“We could hear Munsell stating that he was okay and wanted to go home,” Officer James Morse wrote in his report. “The female party stated ‘You have been in a fight let me drive you home.’ Munsell stated, ‘I just want to find out the name of the guy that hit me that I got in a fight with.’”

At that point, according to the police report, Mr. Munsell came around a corner and was face to face with the two officers.

“I illuminated Munsell with my flashlight,” Officer Morse wrote. “Munsell was covered in blood. His clothing was disheveled and ripped. He had numerous cuts about the face and his left eye was swelling shut.”

Police said the incident remains under investigation to determine who else was involved in the fight and who the aggressors were.

In November 2011, Mr. Munsell was arrested in Seabrook, New Hampshire, by police investigating a stray bullet that narrowly missed a woman sleeping in her home, according to a news report. After breaking up an underage drinking party near the home, police charged him with possession of a large-capacity firearm, possession of ammunition, possessing a firearm feeding device, carrying a firearm without a license, trespassing and selling/delivering liquor to a person under 21.