Fantastic and awesome


To the Editor:

The Martha’s Vineyard Girls Youth Lacrosse under-13 team had a fantastic season this year! Ending with only a couple of losses out of a total of ten games, these girls dominated the season from start to finish.

From lots of great plays to everyone improving substantially over the spring, the work put in this lacrosse season was unbelievable. The girls demonstrated great sportsmanship and enthusiastic play and are a perfect example of how to compose yourself during a game in any situation, whether they were winning or losing. Several girls got their first goals ever in their lacrosse careers this year with the help of the rest of the team.

Our team worked well as a unit after clicking during the beginning weeks of the season. Almost everyone on the team scored at least once this year, and it was absolutely great to see that our girls liked to share the glory.

The veterans stepped up by leading the team on both offense and defense. They have become great role models for the rest of the girls to look up to due to their positive attitudes and constant hard work. The newcomers to the program improved dramatically over the year with the help of the older girls to guide them. As rookie coaches to this league, we can not even begin to describe how proud we are of our girls and how happy we are that they had such a awesome year. Congratulations again to our super-star team and we can’t wait until next year.

Zoë Nugent and Teri Arias, coaches