A disservice to Edgartown


To the Editor:

The Edgartown planning board should deny the application of Haven Road Realty Trust to build apartments at Post Office Square. To increase density and intensity of use even minimally in the worst traffic area of Edgartown would be a disservice to the citizens.

Overflow from the parking lot often stops traffic on the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. The discussion so far has set too low a bar for an acceptable outcome with regard to congestion and traffic flow. The applicant claims that, by reconfiguring the parking lot, he can increase the number of parking spaces without worsening congestion or traffic flow. If that claim is true, it is reasonable to believe that traffic flow can be improved and congestion lessened by reconfiguring the parking lot without increasing the number of parking spaces.

The planning board can’t compel the applicant to reconfigure the lot. However, as matters stand now, the possibility exists that the lot could be reconfigured in the future to improve traffic flow. If the planning board grants the applicant’s request to increase the number of spaces, it will forever abandon the possibility of improving traffic flow and will settle for the current, miserable traffic situation in perpetuity. The triangle’s traffic problems grievously affect everyone in Edgartown. The planning board should deny the application.

Gregory Palermo