Don’t create new problems


To the Editor:

In last week’s article about revitalizing downtown Oak Bluffs (July 31, “Oak Bluffs downtown revitalization committee begins outreach campaign”), Mr. Tiernan’s comment, “You’d have 20 disgruntled homeowners, but 12 of them rent their house out during the summer anyway,” is both disheartening and divisive. His comment implies that homeowners who rent their homes do not have an interest in the quality of life in their neighborhoods, which I find quite offensive.

Regardless of how many weeks one chooses to rent, all homeowners pay taxes, insurance, water bills, etc. All homeowners have made an investment in their neighborhood and in the Island — whether they live here all-year-round or for just a week! Waban Park and Ocean Park are very different. The homes on Ocean Park are bordered by sidewalks whereas the homes on Waban Park are not. Additionally, there is a public bus that travels down Tuckernuck which is now a one-way street. The Oak Bluffs town beach has many visitors who already park along Waban Park.

I am baffled that parking along Waban Park became a solution to the problems facing downtown Oak Bluffs. The movie theaters are eyesores. Why not start there? Focus on Circuit Avenue. Don’t create new problems on Waban Park!

Denise Brown-Allen

Oak Bluffs