Oak Bluffs police arrest knife-wielding ex-boyfriend


Oak Bluffs police early Saturday morning arrested Reinaldo Braga Barbosa, 34 of Edgartown, after he attacked his ex-girlfriend in her home on Pennsylvania Avenue after she arrived there with a friend who had escorted her home because she feared Mr. Barbosa, police said.

Mr. Barbosa is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (knife), strangulation, armed burglary, domestic assault and battery, and violation of an abuse prevention order, according to a press release.

Mr. Barbosa confronted the woman and her friend in her driveway when she arrived home from a party. “He started knocking on the window of the vehicle telling the female victim to get out,” police said. At the time, there was an active abuse prevention order in place that prohibits Mr. Barbosa from having contact with the victim and orders him to stay away from her residence, according to police.

“The female victim asked her male friend to stay with her until she got into her house safely.”

After the woman entered the residence Mr. Barbosa forced his way inside and began choking her. The male party who drove the female victim home then ran over to help his friend, police said. Mr. Barbosa allegedly then went into the kitchen area of the residence and armed himself with a kitchen knife at which point he went towards the male with the knife, police said. Oak Bluffs and Edgartown police arrived and Mr. Barbosa fled. He was later arrested at approximately 7 am that morning at his residence on 12th Street South in Edgartown. He is currently being held at the Dukes County Jail without bail on a probation violation in connection with a previous assault and battery case in which he pled guilty and received a 6 month suspended sentence.