Thanks to Dan Stanton and Jim Swartz


To the Editor:

Just wanted to thank Mr. Stanton and Mr. Swartz for their generosity on behalf of our Island youth.

I am a third generation Islander. When I was growing up in the early fifties, there really was not much to do. We had a couple of bowling alleys and Edgartown did have the Boys Club, but that did not become coed until I was a parent and was sitting on the Board of Trustees. Today our children have the benefit of the M. V. Boys & Girls Club, M.V. Youth Tennis, YMCA, and the M.V. Ice Arena and I am willing to bet that there are not many high schools the size of ours that give as many scholarships to their students.

Edgartown has changed. People complain that the character of our town is not the same because of the big houses that are being built. I tell them that people are paying big taxes and not getting much back in the way of services.

Thank you for loving our Island as much as we do.

Annette P. Smith