No more drivel


To the Editor:

Enough already. It is high time that The Times stopped making its letters column available to the vaporous screeds of Peter Robb (Aug. 20, “Just plain tired”). Mr. Robb has no clue about how to construct a persuasive argument by offering verifiable evidence. Instead he trades in rank, unsupported, and insupportable assertion, sweeping generalization, and false claims. Ergo, “After nearly six years of the Obama presidency the evidence clearly suggests he is failing. His poll numbers continue to drop…He is mired in weekly scandals. He has grown the welfare state and imposed socialized medicine.” And on and on he continues in this vein. Mr. Robb purports to know what the majority of Americans want (smaller government, lower taxes, strong borders, a strong military, reducing the debt and transparency). He conveniently overlooks the fact that President Obama is what the majority of Americans want, having voted for him twice.

It is not my purpose to defend everything President Obama has done, or to claim he is holy perfection. But it is my purpose to remind The Times of its own statement about letters to the editor: “All letters are subject to editing for style, taste, sense, and conciseness…We publish most letters but not all. The editor chooses.”

Mr. Robb’s letters fail on these grounds. We’ve heard from him ad nauseam. The Times demeans itself by publishing this kind of drivel.

Nicholas W. Puner

West Tisbury