I want my mail


To the Editor:

I received a frantic call from a distant relative who sent me a card, only to have it returned by our lovely postal people as it was sent to my street address rather than my P.O. Box.  A common error, yes?

This lead me to major sadness wondering how many other letters, cards, etc. I never get.

How many out there think I am dead or gone — moved, who knows? I am reasonably certain there are others in West Tisbury (other towns too?) like me wondering too.

Why can’t this be fixed? Why do my UPS, FEDEX, my auto registration, and insurance papers all say Vineyard Haven? Vineyard Haven isn’t even a town, for crying out loud. It is an annex of Tisbury.

Forty-two years I’ve been in West Tisbury. I want my mail. Anyone else?

Frustrated in 2014.

Joanne Scott
West Tisbury