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Forecasts for August 4-10, 2014

Aug 4-10: Use that fiery energy.

Home, Isaiah, Home!

Willoe, Isaiah’s twin, had four signs welcoming her brother. One was decorated with life-size photos of Isaiah eating various meals throughout his journey, while another, more than 18 feet long, read, 'We followed you across America.'

Oyster farmer tills Katama Bay

Mr. Blake says his career as an oysterman has been an ongoing process of trial and error and improvisation. 'There was a big learning curve. I didn’t make a dime the first three years,' he said. 'What works in Wellfleet won’t work here.'

Gone fishin’: A career as a charter captain is off the charts

He immediately began to reel and reel for all he was worth. At the same time the fish pulled line off the reel. This is what is known in the business as reeling against the drag. Every crank of the handle puts another twist in the line. Enough twists and the line resembles a Slinky.

Shared WiFi led to arrest of Cambridge teacher on porn charges

The investigation, arrest and indictment in April of Josh Wairi, 27, of Somerville, a Cambridge fifth-grade teacher, on multiple federal child pornography charges began...

Martha’s Vineyard probation officer has mostly off-Island duty

Juvenile probation officer Shawn Schofield, described as an invaluable resource for Island kids, now spends less time here.

New lights make for a brighter Vineyard Tennis Center

The Workout & Vineyard Tennis Center (VTC) in Edgartown recently replaced the lighting at its two year-round indoor tennis courts with energy efficient fluorescent...

Federal funding for Oak Bluffs faces further scrutiny

The long-running campaign by Oak Bluffs officials to secure funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy...

Edgartown man arrested making videos of unsuspecting women

Oak Bluffs police arrested an Edgartown man Sunday and charged him with using a phone camera to photograph under the skirts of unsuspecting women...

Walter Cronkite Awards honor renowned oceanographer and local anthropologist

At this moment in time, you're armed with the knowledge. If you didn't know that the ocean had problems, we'd be in serious trouble. But you do know, and you do have the power.

Ask the Dogfather

A good, but pudgy, Scottish Terrier.

Decision on Edgartown triangle lofts put off

The Edgartown planning board cancelled its regular meeting Tuesday, rescheduling it to next Tuesday, August 12, at 5:30 pm. The board is considering an...

Wedding: Abigail Brown and Jared Stobie at Katama Airfield

Mike said no, and explained to us that we would have to wear the head gear and a parachute in order to do any tricks. He thought for sure that I as the bride wouldn't have any of that. Jared looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and said okay.

Town, community group win right to join state suit against tribe casino

U.S. District Court Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV ruled from the bench Wednesday in U.S. Federal District Court in Boston that the town of...

Final Week: Isaiah Maynard’s Cross Country Ride

It's my life right now, and I'm not sure how I feel about that sense of freedom disappearing. I love to bike and let go of both handlebars, it's never fun putting my hands back to steer.

If everybody did

After they’ve greeted us at the front desk, many savvy patrons of the Edgartown Library head straight for the shelves we keep stocked with...

Thanks for welcoming us

To the Editor:Thank you for writing the article on the stained glass window presented to Don Lyons for his many years as leader of Grace...

The other side of the postcard

In that sense, the Obamas are no different from the thousands of other families Islanders welcome back in August. They return for the natural beauty of the shoreline and landscape and the sense of community that still prevails, whether it is a small gathering on an Oak Bluffs porch or taking in the Ag Fair and Illumination Night.

Will tolerance erode?

To the Editor:Those who sympathize with illegal immigrants commonly argue that these illegals are hard-working men and women who take jobs that Americans are...

Bus stop blues

To the Editor:I live in Tisbury and have been observing our Island-wide bus system with mild amusement and frustration with regards to where the...