We should have acted


To the Editor:

On Sunday, August 31, three friends and I ventured up to the Ag Hall for the Artisans’ Festival. While two friends were sitting on the porch, I went back in to take a last look at something. Across the field I witnessed a woman slam a beautiful large dog to the ground. The dog’s only offense was a short bark upon seeing other dogs.

When I returned out to the porch about ten minutes later, my friends were visibly upset and on our drive home they began telling me the story of this woman with the dog. It seems that when the woman got to the porch of the Ag Hall, her dog was excited to see another dog. Her response was to drag it up onto the porch by its collar, throw it down, then hit and pinch the dog while it yelped in pain. One of my friends told her that was no way to treat a dog. She responded by saying she was advised by her trainer to treat the dog this way.

We now realize we should have called animal control. If she treats this dog so horribly in public, one can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors. I am hoping that by writing this letter someone may know this person.

Her dog was a large, friendly, long haired dark brown puppy probably weighing around 90 pounds. She needs to be reported. My friends and I regret we took no action that day.

Luanne Simon

Oak Bluffs