Oak Bluffs selectmen authorize fire department purchases

File Photo by Ralph Stewart

At their regular meeting Tuesday night, Oak Bluffs selectmen voted unanimously to authorize the transfer of $94,501 from the town ambulance reserve account to receive a discount on a new fire pumper truck that was approved at town meeting in April 2013. Owing to a contingency in the contract, the town will save $3,811 by making the payment upon the completion of the truck chassis. The total purchase price of the truck is $479,911.

Town administrator Robert Whritenour said funding in the ambulance reserve account is currently well over $1 million, which exceeds expectations.

Selectmen also unanimously approved internal borrowing  to keep fire station construction on track. Mr. Whritenour said bonds to fund the construction will go on sale December 2 and funds for the entire construction project will be in place by December 15.

“In order to cover the time between now and when the big construction starts we can borrow from ourselves a short-term note of $650,000 which will be interest-free and when the overall large note is sold the town will pay the loan back on December 15,” he said. The funds will be used to cover design costs and construction of the temporary fire station at the town highway barn.

Also Tuesday, the selectmen went through a list of appointments and housekeeping details, and in a lightning-fast unanimous vote, they approved the request from Our Market to begin selling alcohol at 10 am on Sundays. The board then went into executive session to prepare for contract negotiations with nonunion personnel.