The holiday wish lists of the Harley Riders of Martha’s Vineyard

They're nicer than they are naughty this year.

The Harley Riders of Martha's Vineyard will raise money for the Red Stocking Fund. Photo by Gwyn McAllister

Recently the Martha’s Vineyard Harley Riders completed their annual Red Stocking Run — a ride around the Island to collect money and toys for the Red Stocking Fund, the Island charity that donates food, clothing, and toys to children in need at holiday time. Before they took off, the Times asked a few of the club members what was on their Christmas wish list. Santa reportedly already knows they’ve been more nice than naughty.

Renei “Rainman” Mathieu (president): My wish is that every kid would get a gift. Me — I don’t need anything. Every morning that I get up and put two feet on the ground, I’m good.

Donny Welty: Just being with family.

David “Cricket” Willoughby (vice president): My wish is that the kids all have a great Christmas. That’s why we do this. I think we get more out of it than anybody else — knowing that we’re giving something back to the community.

Sarah LeVesque: Every year my family members make homemade gifts for each other. My husband makes metal art. Homemade I think is best, rather than any sort of monetary present.

Tim Weller: For cancer to be out of my mom’s brain. I’m going home to be with her.

 Mike “Panhead” Fuss: To live up to the blessings I’ve received recently.

Michael DelloRusso and Jeeranan DelloRusso: We wish that all the children get the toys they wanted and they all have a merry Christmas.

Jon Parkinson: I got my Christmas wish. I’m standing in front of it.