Send a piece of the Island


To the Editor:

I want to tell you about a man my family and I love so very much. He is my step-dad and brother-in-law, as strange as that may sound.

Many, many years ago he came into our life. He has never asked anyone for anything, worked hard all his life, was born a true Islander, and worked from dawn to dusk at the junkyard run by his step-dad, the late John Leite Sr. He was the oldest of six sons working in the Oak Bluffs area and enjoyed his younger siblings working along with him in a family business.

Later, he married my mom. Being the oldest, I respected him greatly. I later met his oldest brother and married him.

In 1980 he and my mom, Betty Ann DeMello, moved to New Hampshire and made it their home, along with their youngest child, Brenda, from their marriage.

Now, for the reason for my letter. In declining health and the last stages of his life, his dream was to visit his Island one more time. But his doctors said it wouldn’t be good for him to do so, so I thought maybe Martha’s Vineyard can go to him.

Could each of you who remember Arthur Marshall, son of the late George Marshall Sr. and step-son of John Leite Sr., send him a card and a note as a little bit of Martha’s Vineyard goes to him? It would make one ageing senior, widower Dad, so very happy during this holiday season of Thanksgiving. His address is 35 Hillcrest Rd., Bristol, NH 03222.

On behalf of my sisters — Alice Louise Smith and family, Brenda Petelle and family, and myself, we wish you a very happy holiday season. Thank you for caring, you wonderful people of Martha’s Vineyard.

Clara A. Marshall

Oak Bluffs