Driver escapes injury in Sunday Corvette crash in Katama

Fence posts impaled the Corvette. Despite the damage, the driver walked away from the crash. — Photo courtesy Edgartown Police

Responding to a report of a car crash, Edgartown police, fire and medical responders arrived at Katama airfield off Herring Creek Road just before 11 am on Sunday morning where they found a heavily damaged 1996 Chevy Corvette that had smashed through a fence — but no driver.

“The back window of the car was smashed,” police wrote in their report. “Wooden beams from the fence in which the Corvette had crashed through had impaled the car in multiple areas. There was however, no blood in the vehicle, or signs of injury within the car.”

An immediate search of the area turned up no driver. Police identified the owner of the vehicle, a 74-year-old Norwood woman, and learned that the family owned a home on Craft’s Field where they found 39-year-old Oulton A. Hues Jr.

“Oulton admitted to operating and crashing the Corvette,” police said. “He informed Officers that he was racing up and down Atlantic Drive. He then turned inbound on Herring Creek Drive and sped up to a speed around ‘75 mph.’ He then stated he lost control of the Corvette, colliding with the fence before ending up in the airfield. Oulton stated that he then walked to his house and called a tow truck.”

Police cited Mr. Hues for leaving the scene of property damage, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and speeding greater than reasonable, and they will seek a criminal complaint for the charges.