Humans of Martha’s Vineyard: What are your New Year’s resolutions and traditions (and hangover cures)?

Colin Ruel — Courtesy Colin Ruel

I have a notebook strictly for resolutions, and every year I make 10. At the end of the year I check the list to see how I’ve been able to follow them. The biggest resolution I made last year was to have more confidence in myself, and believe in my personal power. The change that came from that resolution was that I made the big decision to leave my family and all my friends in Romania, to come to America and start a new life, to follow my passion in photography. For this next year, I want to focus on not pleasing everyone else all the time, and follow my own heart … this quote comes to mind: Do I dare disturb the universe? We will see.
— Larisa Stinga, Vineyard Haven, photographer

I once made a resolution to give up sugar — that lasted for less than a week.
— Samantha Church, West Tisbury, sales associate at Claudia’s Jewelry

Actually go into one of these theaters, sit still for two hours, to watch one of our movies.
— Bob LaSala, Edgartown, general manager of Edgartown Cinema

The best resolution I’ve made is to not set resolutions but to set intentions. This year: growth and rejuvenation in the warmer seasons to come, to be happy, healthy, and to be of service to others.
Jane Norton, Chilmark, yoga instructor, Yoga Barn, Yoga Collective

Every New Year’s Eve, my parents give us all a new pair of matching Land’s End pajamas. We call them PJ dresses because so many times they are those funny long flannel gowns, but every year it changes. It’s quite a scene to see the seven of us in matching PJs.
 Noelle and Sophie Nelson, Vineyard Haven, students

I try never to make resolutions, because I never seem to keep them. One more dose of guilt that can be avoided.
Alice Early, Chilmark, consultant

My sister-in-law and I don’t love all the craziness, and I have always disliked being on the road on New Year’s Eve … and we have young kids, so the two of us have been the early birds at Alchemy for years now … spoiling ourselves with fabulous food and a glass of champagne and then heading home to our kids asleep and a relaxing, early evening at home, quiet!

I think I will resolve to simply be the best me I can be … happy, healthy … and to enjoy every minute with my kids because they are at a truly fun stage [3 and 5]!”

Nell Coogan

My New Year’s Eve tradition is to have unreasonable expectations about how fun my evening is going to be, become mildly disappointed, leave discreetly, and watch something mediocre on Netflix while nodding off on the couch.

[What’s your resolution this year?]

Maybe make a baby?
— Colin Ruel, Chilmark, artist

Best resolution I ever made was to figure out how to become an art teacher. It took some time, but it changed my life in many ways for the better. Shortest resolution was to stop swearing, and it didn’t f***ing last long.
This year’s rez is to paint more and finish at least one of my own children’s books.
— Ken Vincent, West Tisbury, artist and art teacher

Resolution: Listen more deeply. Love more completely.
— Sharon Strimling, Oak Bluffs

No traditions; I like to change it up every year. The only constant is to spend it with friends and family. One enjoyable one from years back was going to Felix Neck at night (before I worked there) to look for barn owls. It was my first time seeing/hearing them! I have never done New Year’s resolutions. I am not that formal. I can be determined and stubborn, so if I want to make a change in my life, I do it when it needs to be done.  No need to wait for New Year’s for a resolution.
— Suzan Bellincampi,Oak Bluffs, director, Felix Neck Sanctuary

My New Year’s tradition is to not make too big a deal of New Year’s — but I do love the idea of a collective community opportunity to reflect on behaviors or attitudes we may want to leave behind and new possibilities we may want to open up to. In my 20s I always made resolutions that were impossible to honor — these days I’m trying to start with gratitude for what I have and then go from there!
— Elissa Lash, Tisbury, writer, yoga teacher

Play more with Thomas [the Train] and Milo [new kitten].
— Aiden Galligan, West Tisbury, kid

Binge on your New Year’s resolution.
– Lidia Lopes, Oak Bluffs, bookkeeper

What are you favorite New Year’s rituals?

My favorite New Year’s ritual is lighting extra-long sparklers.
— Valerie Sonnenthal, Chilmark columnist

Spending New Year’s at Cafe Chloe in San Diego, dining on a wonderful gourmet dinner with wine, of course — a New Year’s tradition for the past seven years. Then watching the ball come down in Times Square at 9 pm!
— Mollie Whalen, Bridge results

New Year’s Eve ritual: Hot Sake Fortune Toast. Over the holiday season I begin collecting inspiring quotes and wise advice for the coming year. I write them on small slips of paper and randomly tape them to the bottom of my eclectic mix of sake cups. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, we fill the cups, allow each guest to choose their cup, make a toast, read the fortunes aloud, then throw each fortune in the roaring fire!
 Keya Guimarães, Times contributor

On New Year’s Day, I will be swimming in Vineyard Haven harbor.
— Nicole Galland, MV P’s & Q’s

Hangover cures from Islanders who seem to know

The new year has arrived, and with it perhaps a bit of payback from ushering it in just a little too enthusiastically. Can a hangover be cured? Let us know if any of these work …

My New Year’s Eve recovery recipe: orange juice, darkness, silence … and a hint of regret.
— Stowe Counsell, Oak Bluffs, Edgartown Cinema concession associate

Shake-and-bake pork chops and applesauce.
— Colin Ruel

One word: michelada. It’s light lager with salt, lime juice, Maggi (Mexico’s answer to Worcestershire), Tabasco, and a splash of Clamato. Nothing really cures my hangovers, which is why I tend to avoid them, but micheladas are a great way to take the edge off.
— Sam Decker, wine director, Atria, and Times columnist, “The Sip”

And our hangover cure? For sure — bloody marys and tater tots and eggs.
 Noelle and Sophie Nelson

I don’t drink, so that tends to keep the hangovers away.
— Ken Vincent

Carrot juice (freshly juiced from local carrots) cures just about everything. It is like drinking sunshine. Add in a run, and you are good to go.
— Suzan Bellincampi

Pickle juice and/or Dock Street Diner.
—Traeger di Pietro, Oak Bluffs, artist