A lump of coal


To the Editor:

A raise for Whritenour?

I would have thought a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking would have been more appropriate (Dec. 17, “Oak Bluffs selectmen reward town administrator with salary increase”).

After what he did to me, and the O.B. Quilters — I am still suffering from his public attack on us — when all we were doing, for 17 years, was to raise money for fuel and medical assistance  for Islanders of all ages, and from every Island community. The OB Council on Aging only distributes funds to people who are 60 and over.

We gave assistance to anyone on the Island who presented requests to the Outreach Coordinator and/or the Director. If they deemed the applicants eligible, we would make a one-time payment on their fuel bill.

The previous administrator, Casey Sharpe, said, “the quilters have the right to do whatever they want with their money.”

How did we know this administrator felt differently?

Current town accountant Gallagher also impugned us without ever asking me about it. The former accountant, Mr. Manzi, told me to set up the account at the Edgartown National Bank, and that our funds did not belong in town hall coffers,

Whenever I meet someone now, I think, do they know? Do they think I committed larceny?

Lumps of coal all around!

Glenna Barkan

Oak Bluffs