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For the Wampanoag tribe, a year of change, with more to come

The newly elected chairman of the Aquinnah Wampanoags looks to communication and cooperation to advance his people's agenda.

For VNA and its caregiving mission, fresh challenges lie ahead

Changes in health care will make 2014 a year of difficult choices, with important consequences for Vineyarders.

Letters from your neighbors

Members of the Martha's Vineyard community offer thoughts on where we're headed in 2014

John J. Varkonda

John J.


Oh! How could I almost forget! A very happy sixth birthday to Miss Emily Boyd, my most favorite New Year's baby.

Oak Bluffs



Heard on Main Street: At least keep your New Year's resolutions through the end of the week.

West Tisbury

I had written the above and was ready to send it in to the Times when the phone rang.


Birthday wishes go out this week to Debbie Elias, who celebrates January 4; to Dee Laird and Jake Sylvia, on January 5; to Alex Morrison and Lindsay Medeiros, on January 6; and to Katie Jordan, on January 7.


Happy Birthday to Megan Ottens-Sargent who celebrates on January 6.

What’s next? He can’t wait

To the Editor: Regarding the MV Times Editorial, "As always the question is, What's Next?" (December 26), Having read same, it made me think what...

We need more info and stats about Lyme disease

To the Editor: About the article on Lyme associated with heart disease (Dec. 24, "CDC says Lyme associated with three sudden heart deaths"), I was...

Opiate addiction on Martha’s Vineyard hits home

Recovering addicts talk about overcoming addiction with the help of a controversial drug.

Postal Service hikes rates to recoup recession losses

Need an incentive to write and mail those holiday thank-you notes promptly? On January 26 a first-class stamp will increase from 46 to 49...

Beatles and Brews Trivia, a casual fun time at Offshore

Newest trivia night on Martha's Vineyard is at Offshore Ale.

WIMP and IMP take the stage on Saturday

The lauded improv troupe who shared the stage with Jim Belushi this summer want to help you start your year off laughing.

Solviva’s Anna Edey saves the world, truly

Ms. Edey's new book is gorgeously designed, cleverly written, and infused with an almost supernatural amount of inspiration.

Soup Supper Fridays

The Grace Church suppers will be held at the First Baptist Church Parish Hall.

Three-on-three hockey means more fun, more touches

Played in half the space of the traditional game with one-minute shifts, both novice and experienced youth players have fun and polish skills.