Oscar contention heats up the Film Center’s annual event

A real Oscar attended the screening. In 1948, George L. George won Best Documentary Short Subject for his documentary about returning WW II veterans. — Photo by Siobhan Beasley

While stars flocked to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for the 87th Academy Awards, locals visited the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center for their annual Oscar Viewing Party on Sunday night. Guests mingled and listened to music performed by pianist Jeremy Berlin in the Film Center lobby, and had the opportunity to have their photos taken with a real Oscar statue. Attendees completed Oscar prediction ballots, making for some intriguing conversation about the impending awards. This year three attendees — Judy Golden, Frank Bergon, and Emily Kennedy — correctly guessed 18 out of 25 winners, an impressive feat given the stiff competition between this year’s films. Each winner will be awarded free admission to Film Society movies for a period of time.

As the Oscar ceremony began, guests gathered in the theater to watch the main event. It was a spectacular treat to watch this live awards show — especially the musical numbers — on the big screen, with a small crowd rooting for their favorites in each category. The setting of the Film Center provided a communal aspect to watching the Oscars. Much like attending a film, attending the Oscar Viewing Party gave guests a sense of collective comradeship as they laughed, cried, and cheered alongside strangers who felt like friends. It was a unique experience, and a great treat in the midst of a cold, often lonely winter.