More on Tisbury harbor regs


To the Editor:

Why, after a week, are taxpayers still looking for their boats? Why did the harbormaster tell them he didn’t know where they were?

Why were boats removed from private property next to Owen Park, when permission was given to store them there?

Why did he tell the police we could pick up our boat and pay a $50 fine? Was that his price for one or more boats? Who authorized that?

Why was I told to go out and replace my locks and give the bill to the town? Why should I take my time to do the harbormaster’s job? He cut the locks that I have keys for.

Why did I lose a week of work backtracking his mess, while he did all the damage, took a trip off-Island, and probably got paid for the week?

Let’s think about this. The boats and kayaks have been on the beach for years. Yes, it’s been messy, and yes, there are some broken ones. Common sense and decency say remove those. Put them at the garage, then after a time, take them to the dump. Obviously the dump fees are too high for people to throw them away themselves.

These boats have been out there in rain, wind, hurricanes, winter storms, and presidential visits for years. The most asked question is, Why now?

He certainly hasn’t kept the beach clean for years. The flat tire next to my boats has been there for years; it could have easily been removed.

Moving other people’s property is wrong, and you and I would have been arrested.

Islanders have always lived on their boats in the summer, so why do we now have a new law that you must move your boat every three days in the Lagoon? More harassment.

Why does he try to board boats without permission?

Hopefully the story about his retirement is true. Let’s pray the next harbormaster will be more compassionate, and treat all boaters with respect. Islanders included.

Sue Tonry

Vineyard Haven