Plane lands at Martha's Vineyard Airport without landing gear down

The plane came in on its belly without incident or injury to the pilot and two passengers.

Michael Cummo

The pilot of a Mooney 201 single-engine plane with two passengers aboard landed at Martha’s Vineyard Airport Wednesday afternoon without the plane’s retractable landing gear lowered, without incident or injuries.

The control tower reported that a plane had landed without its wheels down, and the crash alarm was sounded, airport manager Sean Flynn told The Times. When fire personnel responded, all three occupants were safely out of the plane, which was resting upright on the runway.

Mr. Flynn said the pilot had traveled from an airport in Connecticut on a day trip. He said he could not speculate on the cause of the accident, which would be the subject of an FAA investigation.

Mr. Flynn said there are mechanisms that alert a pilot whether the gear is up or down.