VNA building purchase is a mistake


To the Editor:

It is a big mistake to purchase the VNA building. Yes, it is a quick fix. It will cost more than $200,000 to renovate the building for the Center for Living’s needs, and to omit a sprinkler system because it will cost $150,000 is a dangerous decision. To expect 25 elderly with limited ability to exit in a timely manner is not reasonable. When I toured the building I saw two exits, the front door and one way in the back, far away from the planned activity area. I hope the Healthy Aging Task Force look into developing an assisted-living community with space for elder day care. Barnstable County created a beautiful community in Pocasset upon closing of a county-owned hospital. I’d rather spend my town money on such a project, and it would benefit many members of our aging population.

Mary Ellen Larsen

Vineyard Haven