A sweet homecoming


To the Editor:

We, the parents and families of MV United U18 soccer team, would like to send a huge thank-you to the Oak Bluffs Police Department and ambulances that gave the MV United U18 soccer team a fantastic welcome home after winning the state championship soccer title on Sunday!

We were originally told no by the Fire Department, because they were not a school team, which was very disturbing, as every one of these boys played on the high school team. In the high school season, they came up a bit short, so they were even more determined to win this title. This is the third state championship in four years for this very talented group of players and coaches, a feat which has never before been accomplished by the same team in the history of this tournament. This is the last time they will play together as a team, as 14 of the 17 graduated and are off to college; several will continue their soccer careers there.

We are extremely grateful to Chief Erik Blake for sending two cruisers, and the ambulance drivers that happened to be on the boat when we were coming into Oak Bluffs, for making this wonderful memory for our kids, who have worked so hard for this amazing moment. We also want to thank their coaches, Esteban Aranzabe, Matt Poole and Ryan White for their years of dedication to help mold these boys into the wonderful young men they have become.


Peggy Stone