A fall and a thank-you


To the Editor:

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon, the first day of June. My mailbox was empty, so I departed the Oak Bluffs Post Office for a quick stop at Reliable Market. Walking briskly, I rounded the corner by the Corner Store onto Circuit Avenue, acknowledging an acquaintance as I passed her. Suddenly, my legs came out from under me and my arms were flailing. I attempted to break my fall, but came face to face with the sidewalk! (The taste of cement remains vivid.)

In an instant I was bleeding and bruised. Just as quickly, several people were there to help me — calling police/paramedics, getting ice, picking up my belongings, etc. A man who was lunching at Linda Jean’s identified himself as a doctor and checked on me immediately.

In addition to the shock, fear, and pain, I was mortified to be prone on the sidewalk in the middle of Circuit Avenue. But if this had to happen, it couldn’t have been in a more helpful and compassionate place. Very special thanks to my friends, Ellen and Desch, who came right out of Phillips Hardware to help me, and gave up their afternoon together. Ellen met me in the emergency room, attended to the logistics there, took me to pick up medication, and then took me home. Nadine and Tabitha immediately got ice packs, which I’m convinced saved me from extensive swelling and bruising on my face.

A woman who witnessed my accident pointed out the uneven round metal plate and large crack in the sidewalk that I tripped over. She said that other people have tripped and fallen there. As I was recuperating, the bandages drew attention, and several people commented that they knew of other similar tripping/falling accidents on the sidewalks of Oak Bluffs. Bob Whritenour, town administrator, was responsive to my accident report. If you know of other accidents, please let him know about them.

Let’s make Oak Bluffs (especially Circuit Avenue) a safe place in which to live and walk.

Mary Tahmoush

Oak Bluffs