The Net Result announces design contest winner

From left, Louie Larsen, winner Alice Goyert, and Beth Larsen holding the winning shirt. — Photo by Larisa Stinga

For its 30th anniversary, the Net Result launched a design contest — their first ever. Contestants were asked to design the Tisbury Marketplace fish store’s new logo, which would adorn T shirts until at least the next contest.

Entries flooded in, and Beth and Louie Larsen waded through them, finally arriving at a winner. T shirts were produced, and hidden away until the winner could be announced.

Last Saturday, July 4, they announced their victor: Alice Goyert of Oak Bluffs, whose family accompanied her to the ceremony. When asked what she would do with the $1,000 gift certificate (for the Net Result, of course), Ms. Goyert said, “I’m going to split the $1,000 with my friends, and have lots of lobster parties.”