Melee at Morgan Woods ends with two arrests, five injured


Early Monday morning, about 1:30 am, Edgartown Police responded to a complex and violent domestic dispute at the Morgan Woods apartment complex. The incident took place after a night of partying and drinking, and resulted in two arrests and five people transported to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, one with a possible broken arm and another with a possible broken jaw, police said.

It began when Emily Beaulieu, 24, and Kristien Wieditz, 23, both of Orleans, and Emily Andrews, age and address unreported, were arguing in an upstairs bedroom at 34 English Oak Circle in Edgartown, according to the police report. Ms. Andrews attempted to exit the situation by returning downstairs, where the confrontation escalated.

Ms. Beaulieu began to punch and beat Ms. Andrews, according to the police report. Ms. Andrews yelled for help, and two other people in the house, Auralie Brintnall, 50, of Edgartown, and Renan Dasilva, age and address unreported, came downstairs to attempt to stop the fight. Ms. Brintnall is the mother of Kristien Wieditz, Erik Wieditz, and a juvenile male, who were also present.

“Mr. Dasilva attempted to break up the fight, but was threatened by Kristien,” the report says. “Dasilva exited the house with Ms. Andrews and fled to the front of the complex, where they phoned the police.”

Ms. Beaulieu and Mr. Wieditz, still in the house, began to “physically fight, at which point Ms. Beaulieu retreated into the downstairs bathroom and locked the door.”

Mr. Wieditz broke the door down and began to beat Ms. Beaulieu. When Ms. Brintnall and her juvenile son attempted to stop the altercation, Mr. Wieditz pushed Ms. Brintnall back, and she hit her head on the wall. Ms. Brintnall told police she “was unable to recall anything after this event.”

Ms. Brintnall and her juvenile son went upstairs to wake up Erik Wieditz, who then “took his lamp from his night stand, broke off the head of the lamp, and wrapped the cord around” its base. He confronted his brother and hit him in the face with the lamp repeatedly when Kristien came upstairs. Kristien overpowered his brother, however, and “continued to beat him with closed fists for approximately two minutes.”

Police officers then arrived and began to piece the story together.

Ms. Brintnall was treated for lacerations on the back of her skull, Ms. Andrews was treated for injury to her left eye, Erik Wieditz was treated for a possible broken jaw and laceration to the rear of his skull, Kristien Wieditz was transported to be treated for a laceration to his forehead, and Ms. Beaulieu was transported for a possible broken right arm.

Judge Cornelius Moriarty granted Erik Wieditz an emergency restraining order against Kristien Wieditz. He was the only party to request such a provision.

Ms. Beaulieu is charged with domestic assault and battery, and assault and battery. Mr. Kristien Wieditz is charged with four counts of domestic assault and battery. Erik Wieditz will be summoned to court for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon at a later date, police said.