Mini-park in downtown Edgartown gets a makeover

A Donaroma's crew was busy Wednesday sprucing up the so-called mini-park on Main Street in Edgartown. Michael Donaroma, an Edgartown selectman, is doing the work as a gift to the town. — Photo by Michael Cummo

A landscaping renewal is underway at the so-called mini-park on Main Street in downtown Edgartown. The work is being completed by Donaroma’s Nursery and Landscaping Services.

The renovation is a gift from selectman Michael Donaroma, owner of the landscaping company, and Joyce Sudikoff, owner of Edgartown Books on Main Street. Both parties are splitting the cost.

“I’ve just been maintaining it. It got to the point where it was time for an upgrade, so I had Cammie Naylor of Donaroma’s come up with a landscape plan,” Mr. Donaroma told The Times.

Following complaints about the shabby nature of the park, Mr. Donaroma and Ms. Sudikoff proposed the work to the beautification committee.

“So we decided to pull the trigger on Monday,” Mr. Donaroma said. The work is expected to be completed late next week.

Some of the changes include a new brick walkway, regrading, a new sod lawn, new bench locations, updated irrigation, a new planter, and smaller shrubs.

Mr. Donaroma said the landscapers are creating new bench locations, and hope to work with the beautification committee and additional donations to upgrade the existing benches.

After the work is done, the conservation commission will continue to maintain the park.

The park is owned by the Hall family, leased by the town, and managed by the conservation commission.

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Jeremy Naylor designed the landscaping plan. The correct name is Cammie Naylor.