Tisbury Police investigate Franklin Street break-ins

Police are investigating a series of break-ins near Franklin Street and Greenwood Avenue. — Photo by Michael Cummo

Tisbury Police Detective Kindia Roman told The Times in a phone call that she is investigating two break-ins in the area of Greenwood Avenue and Franklin Street that occurred sometime between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, July 30.

In both instances the houses were unlocked, and the thieves took alcoholic beverages. A wallet was taken in one of the break-ins. Detective Roman said she did not want to provide the specific locations because of the ongoing investigation.

The break-ins were reported to police Thursday morning. The houses were occupied at the time of the break-ins, police said.

Tisbury Police initially posted information about the break-ins on the department’s Facebook page Friday. Sunday, police updated the post and described the suspects as a dark-skinned male, two white males, and one white female with blonde hair. Police provided no age profile.

In a later update, police said they had spotted the suspects on bikes in the Hines Point area at midnight on Saturday and later the Greenwood area at 4 am, but the individuals got away into the woods before they could be questioned by police.

In a telephone call Tuesday, Detective Roman said she had identified suspects, but the investigation was ongoing. She expects to be able to provide more information by Thursday morning.

“We’re still investigating, it’s definitely concerning, and it’s taking up a lot of time,” Detective Roman said. “We’re patrolling extra, and we have a lot more people getting as much info as they can. We’re just taking it one step at a time. It’s still very much under investigation.”

“We tried knocking on doors of neighbors in that area to see if anything else happened,” Detective Roman said. “They said no. We’re going to assume that it’s just those two. Nothing else was reported, at least to us.”

She said it’s important for people to be vigilant and lock their doors.

“Lock your doors. Lock car doors, not just house doors, garages,” she said. “I know it’s nice out, but keep in mind keeping your doors locked and being more vigilant at night.”

Detective Roman said police will be patrolling Main Street, Franklin Street, and smaller streets in the area.

She asked for the public’s help. “If you see a group, call us; if you find it suspicious, call us,” Detective Roman said. “It’s what we do.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Tisbury Police at 508-696-4240.