Bully for Chilmark


To the Editor:

Does everyone realize what great services are provided in Chilmark? Just to mention a few that have given comfort and joy to two 87-year-olds: In June, when I ran out of gas at Beetlebung Corner, the Chilmark Police Department and Menemsha Texaco came to my rescue; three restaurants, Beach Plum, Home Port, and Chilmark Tavern, are just 5 minutes from my door; the finest seafood on the Island can be found at Larsen’s Fish Market; and Chilmark Store has the best pizza in town. There’s a bank which cashes my checks, and I don’t know what I’d do without our great library. Don’t forget Everett Poole’s Chandlery, open from 3 to 5 pm daily. I got a flashlight there for $3. Finally, what super reporting by The MV Times town columnist Valerie. Who else would report my tall tales about Chilmark softball? Love to all.

Bill Edison

Chilmark and Elk, Calif.