Goodbye, old friends


To the Editor:

Very early yesterday morning, I bore witness to a most distressing and irrevocable sight — the final downing of large old trees and foliage which had comprised the wee spot of remaining woods and bushes at the corner of Main Street and Greenwood Avenue in Vineyard Haven, adjacent to our town library. Now it exists no more, as a new home appears to be replacing our former delightful vestige of greenery, unspoiled and wild in the center of our town.

I recognize that the owners of that property have retained it for many years after initially, years ago, encountering stiff and vocal opposition from our citizenry. Our dismal attempts to raise funds during Art Buchwald’s time failed miserably. We missed our opportunity to purchase it for the common good, or motivate our town to rise to the occasion. It was indeed a missed opportunity, and we continued to take for granted that our sweet little oasis would endure forever. Not so, and it is indeed a very sad, unexpected, but inevitable event. Our own joint indifference and lack of action eventually paved the way for this inestimable loss.

Doreen Kinsman

Vineyard Haven