Joke’s on us


To the Editor:

This long-running national prank has to come to a whimpering conclusion, and if exploiting a tragic event like 9/11 doesn’t slam the door on it, I have no idea what will.

Before I launch, please understand that I am one of a growing number of the happily unenrolled electorate. I’m not a tree-hugger (though you can’t beat a tall, majestic tree). Nor am I planning on taking long, romantic walks with card-carrying members of the NRA (though your right to legally own a gun shouldn’t be bandied about by guileless governmental types for public consumption). Abiding by the golden rule and adhering to the tenets of the Serenity Prayer are the only principles I believe in. All the blather and bloviating we’re drowning in every day — you can keep it.

Donald Trump has finally said something truly reprehensible (shocking, I know). Stating that he could have prevented 9/11 because he’s badass on illegal immigration represents a new and heartless low. Capitalizing on a day burned into our souls — considering the thousands of souls lost that day and the families and friends still reeling from that reality — should confirm what a contemptible person he really is. Thus far, I’m not hearing any real outrage except from John Ellis Bush. In this instance, he’s justified in speaking his truth.

The president of the United States is supposed to be the face of our nation. Christ knows we’ve had our share of real winners occupying that office. I understand we will be in a quandary when election time comes around, because we will have the daunting task of deciding which one of these candidates is less untruthful than the rest.

But Donald Trump? Why not Kanye? Or SpongeBob? They’re all equally fictional.

Ray Whitaker

Oak Bluffs