Look back to move Nature ahead


To the Editor:

I left the Island in ’07 after 40-plus years of living off and on, and my main memory of Mill Pond (despite its being admittedly utopian-looking, almost Disney perfect) is that my friend and I jumped in one August afternoon after a particularly sweaty mountain bike ride. The water felt great, but partly because there was none of the usual cold water shock — I think it was probably about the temperature of a baby’s milk bottle. So we got out of the milk bath, refreshed but not to the degree we would have been had it been the water of a fresh-running stream (or even close to that).

I fail to see the long-term point of maintaining a shoal, nearly stagnant body of water artificially created for the purposes of grinding corn (as far as I know) when West Tisbury could be forward-looking enough to dare to look back — farther back than nostalgia permits, back to the days before the romantic projections of the 20th century urban visitor took over. Nature has shown, with the partial unblocking to date, that it is, as ever, full of beans. We should be thrilled that the herring, and every other species that wants to live there in its natural state, is so ready to forgive and forget.

Dave Irland

Great Barrington